I bought my family a trip to Spain & Italy

This year I wanted to make more of an effort to make time for my family. I've always dreamed of one day being able to take my family on a beautiful destination vacation but doing that would mean I would have to bear the expense for me and my 2 sisters because they're younger... I wanted so badly for them to experience what I am able to experience so I took a shot and went for it. I spent $10k on a vacation for the 3 of us to Barcelona, Positano, Capri, Naples, and Rome. My Chase bank allowed me to order Euros and pick them up the next business day, which helps me from paying any exchange fees and the money was crisp.

Booking  & Budgeting
Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way -
The reason we flew from Newark to Barcelona, Spain is that it was cheaper than flying straight to Italy and might as well put Spain in the mix of our Euro trip too. There were a couple different budget airlines that flew out of Newark but I wanted to fly in a nicer economy class becaus…

I Escaped To Mexico For The Day

I unexpectedly had an extra day off for this Christmas holiday and I decided the night prior, hey I kinda want to lay on the beach somewhere. Living in Upstate NY, the easiest place to get to is... South.

My goal was to: Find the easiest, cheapest flight to legit anywhere. I couldn't find anything that didn't have a dang 10 hour+ layover in PA or NYC. And then it hit me... Mexico. I did quick research on Mexico on things to do, flights, Airbnb's, hotels and weather. And I ended up on the next flight out 5 hours later to Cancun, Mexico.

I knew I didn't want to spend the holiday on a crowded beach at a sub-par "all inclusive" resort. If I was going to fly to Mexico for the day, I want to go somewhere cool and well worth my travel time.
I hopped in a car and headed 1.5 hours south of Cancun to the great jungles of Tulum. And wow, it did not disappoint.

I didn't get in until 1AM Monday, Dec. 24th. It honestly was the longest travel day ever. Even worse than …

Finding Your Drive

I recently gave a speech to a class about finding your drive in life. That one glow that motivates you to do one step further. I was so surprised of the questions these students had about how exactly they can find this passion. After this 10 minute presentation, they still wanted a play-by-play.

Social media allows me to broadcast the small fraction of success I've earned. But what it doesn't show is how hard I worked to get there. I think people are so blinded by that alone. People don't see the endless nights I spent working on 3 different things at once. They don't see the times I've spent crying on my way to class because I really thought "I am doing too much. I can't do this."  The amount of frustration I feel every time I can't fully put 100% into something I worked on, whether it'd be a work project or a class assignment.

The fact is, yes, I am doing too much. More often now, people tell me that I need to focus on that ONE thing. I do …

23 Things I've Learned At 23

Hi guys! So I turned 23 this week (June 17th) and I'd thought I'd post a list of 23 things I've learned at 23 years of age. Although I am so young (so so so much younger than I realize), I feel like I've lived a pretty solid life so far. I always think back on my "stories" of memories and cringey times I've had to face when experiencing these life lessons that everyone happens to go through. Ugh I feel so old - Like I'm 40 living in a 23 year old body.
Yes, I get that I am very young and have only lived barely a fraction of my lifetime. But I have experienced a lot more than most under the age of 25. There's always issues that come about because I'm "just in my 20's, there's no way you could know ____ by now." Yes, I get that I have still an abundance to learn, but don't doubt those who only have lived for a small amount of years. I know people who are twice my age who haven't experience half the things I have. Anywa…

"Are you really THAT busy?"

They say, if you want something bad enough, you'll make time for it. Which I believe is 100% true. A question I get all the time is; "Are you really that busy?" How could someone be that busy?
My answer to that is, no. I am not that busy. I am extremely busy, yes, but if something is important enough in my life, I will absolutely make time for it. Now the matter is, is it that important to me to move my schedule around to make time for said event/person. Most of the time, no it's not.
Every minute I breathe revolves around work. It's my entire life. I consider it a beautiful evil.
5:30am - wake up. get ready.  6:00am - eat breakfast. check emails. gather everything for the rest of the day.  6:45am - out of the door on commute to Oswego for class. 8:00am until 11am - class.  11:00am - commute back to Liverpool. 12:00pm until 3pm - at the office; phone call conferences, client meetings, marketing plans, etc.  3:30pm - open house showing 4:00pm - back at the office; more p…

Millennial's Guide To Your Credit Score

As a youngster, I've always heard about how difficult it was to manage your credit score and how only the wealthy have a high 800 score. Credit scores were actually pretty irrelevant to me until I bought my first car. Yikes. What's worse than having a bad credit score? Not having ANY credit score. But I managed to do it- bought my first car on my own with the highest interest rate allowed by NYS. I was paying an absurd amount in interest for a 5+ year old car at that time. After 6 months of having that loan, I refinanced and got a better interest rate (still not the best but I'll take it.)

Up to this point, I believed that the people were right! It is hard to manage your credit. When will I be able to have an APR lower than 10%?

I eventually got approved for my first credit card for a line of $5,000. Now I'm concerned about all the rumors people tell me about how credit cards are bad and how I shouldn't begin using them because it just leads to a never ending pit …

Moving On & Out of Comfortable

I recently moved into an area of my city where I thought I'd never reside. My whole life - my office, school, grocery store, etc, revolved around a small suburban community which I grew up in. I moved into a beautiful townhouse with 2 floors and a backyard- so much space!... Too much space. Me being in my 20's, I felt prideful to be able to live in this kind of home by  myself. But I felt... comfortable. And that sense of comfort felt uneasy to me eventually. At this point in my life, I think I am too young to be comfortable. I want to continue to grow until I simply come to a point in my life where I should not anymore.

Just like my last "Millennial Life Crisis" of 2016. I decided to make a big change. Instead of taking over 30 flights, I decided to move entirely. I moved into the city of my town where I added 20 minutes to my commute, and am now paying 3x more than I did originally. I went from a safe suburban neighborhood, to an exciting, loud, urban lifestyle. I…