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The Truth Behind My Travel Partner

One of the most frequent question I get asked is “WHO do you travel with?! WHO takes your pictures?!”  I never really have given a legit answer because I find it funny. - How something so minor can spark such curiosity to even those I do not know.  I get a good amount of nasty comments as well. Like “She must have a ‘sugar daddy.’ She’s just following some man around who pays for her stuff.” If I had someone who was willing to pay for all my plane tickets and hotels, I’d probably quit my job and just travel my entire life. But that’s not REALISTIC. And even if that were true, I wouldn’t let someone have that much power over me anyways. I can work and pay for my own happiness. Thank you.  Why is it that most people gravitate towards all the possible negative answers. Why is it assumed that I need a “man” in order to travel or have nice things or enjoy life. That’s what kind of makes me livid. Do you think I am not capable of providing for myself?
Just because YOU can’t afford to travel…

Iceland for a Day

Flight Let’s get something out of the way here - Iceland is very close to the East coast (approx. 5 and a half hours) and there are a ton of airlines that fly straight out of NYC directly to Keflavik. I flew on a budget airline called WOW Air - and let me tell you, they are a budget airline for a reason. This trip was the cheapest flight I have ever purchased. I’ve bought more expensive tickets to Florida before. 
My round trip flight from Newark to Keflavik was $400! Yeah you heard that right. But with this insane price comes the other hidden costs. They call it WOW air because it stands for “WOW, look at all these extra ridiculous fees.” I normally fly with Delta airlines (favorite) but I’m a frugal person and will try to find the best deal possible! My carry on is a tiny little thing that I some how managed to fit all of my crap in and I still had to pay for it to fly with me. In the WOW air ticket, they state that the price includes one carry on bag that is 42x32x25 CENTIMETERS tha…

Getting a Passport Stolen in Greece?!?!

Getting a passport stolen in Greece?!?! My big trip of this year was going to Greece. 9 hours later from Newark to Athens, (Jetsetter tip: Try to fly out of a bigger airport if you can. This saved me $700!!) We’ve finally arrived in Greece! First impressions - Athens is dirty. I really hate saying that and I tried to find the beauty in the polluted buildings but it was pretty bad. From my experience, Athens is a good place to get all of your “touristy” things done. My cousin and I were able to quickly learn the subway system (much easier than NYC) and went to explore Plaka. 

Plaka is super cute! Right below the Acropolis. They have little shops and restaurants. This is also where we did the famous fish pedicure. (weirdest feeling EVER) If you walk far enough past Plaka, you eventually hit Syntagma Square which is like their huge outlet mall. 
Monastiraki Square
Athens nightlife here is amazing. Every roof top bar has a view of the Acropolis glowing in the background. In the early …

Chi-Town for a day - The Jetsetter’s Guide to Chicago, IL

Chi-Town for a day - The Jetsetter’s Guide to Chicago  Flying in from NY is a short flight of a mere hour or so. Keep in mind that O’Hare Airport is about 40 minutes away from the main loop of Chicago. I usually always Uber/Lyft into the city - In Chicago, it’s generally the same price to take a taxi over Uber. I say, pick the ride that will come get you the fastest. I feel that more often, airports have adapted to designate a special spot that Uber drivers can only drive into. I had this same issue when I flew in to Seattle last year.  Michelin Restaurants  Chicago is well known for the best Michelin grade restaurants on offered in the Eastern coast, besides New York City of course. If you’re looking to book a table, book it as soon as you book your flights. Restaurants fill up quickly. I made a reservation at Boka for 2 and the soonest time slot was 9:30… at night. In my case, it was perfectly fine by me since I just had flown in earlier that afternoon. Th…

That One Time I Spent Over $5k On Nothing!

Back in my naive days, I thought I was too good for community college and college in general. I moved into my first apartment, feeling like a badass young kid and dropped out of community college just to apply back into what I believed was a “better” college. I was so blinded about what “good” this school could do for me. I didn’t realize that this school has almost no credibility. 
I attended this school for 1.5 years just to, yes, drop out again. When I decided to go back to my first community college the next year, NONE of my credits transferred. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Ziltch. It was like I never went to this stupid school at all. Now, 1.5 years doesn’t seem long. Until you have felt what it’s like to wake up early every day for 1.5 years and work hard, for absolutely nothing. “Frustrating” is an understatement. I felt so broken, where I almost felt like I didn’t even want to finish school. 
The silver-lining in all of this was that I had enough scholarships and grants to pay for mos…

A Jetsetter's Guide To A Weekend Getaway

Flying away JUST for the weekend?! Are you crazy? HOW?!
Probably one of the most frequent questions I get. I use to think the same; How can you explore a whole city in just one weekend? & How do you afford it?!
There’s a weird phenomenon that all travel is super expensive. Trust me, I am a cheap ass Asian on a budget. When I search for flights and hotels, I have 20 tabs going in my browser because I will not be paying an arm and a leg for just one weekend, let me tell you that. I preach about how important budgeting your finances are! Seriously people, if you have not kept track yet, start today. I find out what time of the month works best for me, financially and with all of my 5 jobs.  Research! Research! Research!
You cannot enter a brand new city without researching it first! I see rookies make this mistake all the time! Find restaurants/bars you want to stop at, read blogs, follow Instagams. Social media, no matter how many people hate on it, is really such a beautiful thing…

Make Your Credit Card Work For YOU

Nobody in their right mind likes the idea of being in debt. Owing someone anything is never a good feeling. I have always been a person who was against credit cards. But I recently found out a way to optimize the most out of my credit card to benefit me. 
Do your research is a great site that I recommend to look into credit cards that fit your needs best. For me, it was travel and cash back.  I chose a card that gave me points/per dollar spent and that granted me bonus points for monies spent on travel and dining. Again, the needs vary from person to person. The points with this certain card can be used to book more trips at discounted prices that include trip insurance! Also, make sure you look for the annual bonuses. For my card, if I spent $4000.00 in the first 3 months, I was granted $500 bonus money/ 50,000 points. Which I most likely will use to book my big trip in June. There are some cards that will give you points to use at certain hotels and airlines. For me, …

The Work Over Everything Mentality

I frequently get the question, What’s my secret?! How is it that I am able to travel so much? 
The truth is, it’s not easy. I am generally a pretty happy positive person. But there are days where I break down from the stress. Saying I have a lot on my plate is an understatement. I work 3 different jobs and go to school for over 12-18 hours straight every single day. On top of that, I fit in going to the gym daily, managing my social media platforms and doing homework/errands.
I actually hate taking days off. The only days I take off are when I’m flying out of town. And even that only lasts 1 to 2 days. I catch up on my sleep on long flights. I love traveling so much, but I love work more. 
I choose work over everything in my life. It’s my number one priority. I would rather go into work than hangout with my friends. Insane, right?! It’s true. I’ve said it before, the people in my personal life have learned that this is just how I am. They understand that we are all trying to chase our…