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Your Selfish Life

I never imagined myself being surrounded by such successful people. I guess in a sense, you're constantly surrounded by successful people without even knowing it. What defines someone as "successful"? Is it maybe the way they dress? or the way they carry themselves? I know successful people who live in sweatpants all day. I also know successful people who wear suits every day - and those who dress to pretend to be successful.

It's amazing how physical identity is a main role in how you percieve someone. I'm going to come right out and say it, I am pretty successful. I measure that in what I have been able to accomplish with my given years on this Earth, and how comfortable I am to live in my adopted lifestyle. I used to be a low-maintenance gal who never knew how to slap on a good contour or dress herself in a stylish manner. Did that make me less successful then? I don't think so. Even at the mere age of 19, I had already accomplished a lot in my career alon…