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A Drug Addict, The Alcoholic, And the Naive: Becoming Financially Stable.

I'd say I live pretty comfortably in my current financial situation. The only debt I have to my name is my car loan and a few hundred dollars in credit cards every so often. I'm able to spend money on things I want (and sometimes things I want and don't really need), including traveling where ever I please whenever I want. Iceland for a day. Dublin for the weekend. It's no secret I'm constantly traveling across the country for just a weekend getaway.

But it wasn't always like this. Like most cliche success stories, there was a point in my life when I was struggling. Very badly. I had 2 apartments (and the new furniture) that I had to pay rent for at the same time, car payments, car insurance at 19 years old (which was over $250/month), and my other miscellaneous bills. Oh and pay for my ex-boyfriend's DWIs. At 19 I was just a year out of high school, trying to figure out how to do the adult-ish things in life without any help. At that time, I was not on a …