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Millennial's Guide To Your Credit Score

As a youngster, I've always heard about how difficult it was to manage your credit score and how only the wealthy have a high 800 score. Credit scores were actually pretty irrelevant to me until I bought my first car. Yikes. What's worse than having a bad credit score? Not having ANY credit score. But I managed to do it- bought my first car on my own with the highest interest rate allowed by NYS. I was paying an absurd amount in interest for a 5+ year old car at that time. After 6 months of having that loan, I refinanced and got a better interest rate (still not the best but I'll take it.)

Up to this point, I believed that the people were right! It is hard to manage your credit. When will I be able to have an APR lower than 10%?

I eventually got approved for my first credit card for a line of $5,000. Now I'm concerned about all the rumors people tell me about how credit cards are bad and how I shouldn't begin using them because it just leads to a never ending pit …

Moving On & Out of Comfortable

I recently moved into an area of my city where I thought I'd never reside. My whole life - my office, school, grocery store, etc, revolved around a small suburban community which I grew up in. I moved into a beautiful townhouse with 2 floors and a backyard- so much space!... Too much space. Me being in my 20's, I felt prideful to be able to live in this kind of home by  myself. But I felt... comfortable. And that sense of comfort felt uneasy to me eventually. At this point in my life, I think I am too young to be comfortable. I want to continue to grow until I simply come to a point in my life where I should not anymore.

Just like my last "Millennial Life Crisis" of 2016. I decided to make a big change. Instead of taking over 30 flights, I decided to move entirely. I moved into the city of my town where I added 20 minutes to my commute, and am now paying 3x more than I did originally. I went from a safe suburban neighborhood, to an exciting, loud, urban lifestyle. I…