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"Are you really THAT busy?"

They say, if you want something bad enough, you'll make time for it. Which I believe is 100% true. A question I get all the time is; "Are you really that busy?" How could someone be that busy?
My answer to that is, no. I am not that busy. I am extremely busy, yes, but if something is important enough in my life, I will absolutely make time for it. Now the matter is, is it that important to me to move my schedule around to make time for said event/person. Most of the time, no it's not.
Every minute I breathe revolves around work. It's my entire life. I consider it a beautiful evil.
5:30am - wake up. get ready.  6:00am - eat breakfast. check emails. gather everything for the rest of the day.  6:45am - out of the door on commute to Oswego for class. 8:00am until 11am - class.  11:00am - commute back to Liverpool. 12:00pm until 3pm - at the office; phone call conferences, client meetings, marketing plans, etc.  3:30pm - open house showing 4:00pm - back at the office; more p…