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23 Things I've Learned At 23

Hi guys! So I turned 23 this week (June 17th) and I'd thought I'd post a list of 23 things I've learned at 23 years of age. Although I am so young (so so so much younger than I realize), I feel like I've lived a pretty solid life so far. I always think back on my "stories" of memories and cringey times I've had to face when experiencing these life lessons that everyone happens to go through. Ugh I feel so old - Like I'm 40 living in a 23 year old body.
Yes, I get that I am very young and have only lived barely a fraction of my lifetime. But I have experienced a lot more than most under the age of 25. There's always issues that come about because I'm "just in my 20's, there's no way you could know ____ by now." Yes, I get that I have still an abundance to learn, but don't doubt those who only have lived for a small amount of years. I know people who are twice my age who haven't experience half the things I have. Anywa…