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Finding Your Drive

I recently gave a speech to a class about finding your drive in life. That one glow that motivates you to do one step further. I was so surprised of the questions these students had about how exactly they can find this passion. After this 10 minute presentation, they still wanted a play-by-play.

Social media allows me to broadcast the small fraction of success I've earned. But what it doesn't show is how hard I worked to get there. I think people are so blinded by that alone. People don't see the endless nights I spent working on 3 different things at once. They don't see the times I've spent crying on my way to class because I really thought "I am doing too much. I can't do this."  The amount of frustration I feel every time I can't fully put 100% into something I worked on, whether it'd be a work project or a class assignment.

The fact is, yes, I am doing too much. More often now, people tell me that I need to focus on that ONE thing. I do …