Who Is She?

- Hello!! -
My name is Tammy Kay Ly. I'm from a small town in the middle of Upstate New York. And this is my Bright Yellow Office. It's a concept I created that represents an empire; Where we all should be living the best years of our lives, RIGHT NOW. How you can achieve what seems like impossible goals and overcome negative hurdles in life. I believe that your mindset steers you in a set direction, and you have 90% control over that. The Bright Yellow Office is putting the hard work into creating something that people will never forget. It's about living a happy life. And it's basically my whole world and the energy it vibrates.

What do you do for a living? *Disclaimer: I will not be releasing the exact companies I work for due to privacy and compliance* 
I've heard probably 100 different scenarios of what people think I do as an occupation. I guess it's very confusing to most. I do have 5 jobs (yeah, I know it sounds crazy).
As a natural-born salesman, I decided to go into a field as, well, just that. I work in a sales position now where I am the lead source of new business/growth for an insurance company. I am a real estate salesperson for a Realty company.
I also invest in properties and renovate them.
I do still work in the restaurant business. I truly love the atmosphere of it. I tend bar on the weekend at two different bars on the opposite side of town.
I have also started a marketing company where I have taken on clients from public figures to small businesses.
In 2011, I was discovered for print/commercial modeling and acting. I used to do castings and jobs more frequently than I do now. (Billboards, publication posters, TV commercials, web commercials, etc.) I also partner with companies online for advertisement/sponsorships/promotions/affiliations.
I just graduated from SUNY Oswego where I was a student full time.
Are you tired yet?

Instagram: TammyKayLy --- #TheTammyTour
Email: TammyKayLy@gmail.com